Best Conscious Valentines Gift For Him and For Her

Best Conscious Valentines Gift Ideas

Seasonal gifting is part of humanity and society expects it that we lavish our loved ones with gifts on all seasons. Whether it’s Valentines or Easter holidays, we all love it when we are spoiled with gifts. In this post, we are looking at the best conscious gift ideas you can use to say your gratitudes or declare undying love to your Valentine in a conscious manner.

Best Conscious Valentines Gift Ideas
Best Conscious Valentines Gift Ideas

Sometimes being a conscious giver can be misconstrued as a thing for vegans or somewhat labeled thing , gifting consciously means thoughtful and staying in tune with all things, so with that said, these are gift ideas for things that are vegan eco-friendly and conscious for our own well-being and the well-being of others and the planet too.

That’s why I’ve arranged this shortlist of best gifts you can give with a price in mind. They are all arranged from zero or free to about $100 and then I’ve got different price ranges within there that’ll hopefully suit whatever your gift idea needs are.

With Valentines around the corner, it’s no secret that a gift for loved ones, yourself or for someone else that you’re giving is almost inevitable.

So my first gift idea can’t get any easier than a plant, and you can get a plant for someone’s house/ their room or their office and the price with this can range from you getting a plant that’s about a hundred dollars or you could get something that’s about five dollars.

If they are into meditation, then they will love you for getting them a simple bamboo plant which is quite easy to take care of and you could put it in a mason jar or something that you’ve got already. All it needs is just rocks and water so you could find rocks down your street potentially and get some nice bamboo plants to go in the jar.

Himalayan Salt Lamp As A Conscious Gift Ideas

Himalayan salt lamp for stress relief
Himalayan salt lamp for stress relief

The second idea is a Himalayan salt lamp, so Himalayan salt lamps are really good for restoring the balance between positive and negative ions within the atmosphere so it makes it really balancing and earthing.

Especially in the winter at a time where you’re gonna be indoors a lot, bringing this energy into your room it can really help with things like seasonal affective disorder which is sad. So the Himalayan salt lamp come in handy which is essentially in the winter time as people can feel more depressed or sad Himalayan salt lamps really help with that.

They can even help with preventing arthritis pain so if ever you’ve got it on, you could put your wrist or something next to it and it’ll really help with that I will link you out to another post where dive in deep on the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps but this is a great idea.

And you can get different sizes of the Himalayan salt lamp so they’ll range in prices too… I got mine here on next day Amazon really cheap.

And my third gift idea our reusable produce bags so these can actually be made by yourself easily,  If not, then get one for sale on Amazon so you can check the link it here they’re really good lightweight, perfect for produce.

I’ve got some clementines that have done my little family justice for years now, and they’re made with natural unbleached cotton and made ethically because it’s me that sewed them using a fabric bought off Amazon and also they are very lightweight so if you are weighing your produce it’s not going to add any extra weight.

Every shopping, it might add maybe one cent but I’ve been using these bags for a few years now and they don’t increase the price of my produce.

Gift Certificate For A Soothing Massage or Spa Day Treat.

The fourth idea is to get them a gift certificate for a massage or something that may be a good experience for them if there’s a spa or especially one that uses vegan and eco-friendly products. Something like a massage is quite straightforward and simple because usually it’ll just be the massage oils that they’re using and that can be a really nice gift because it’s a soothing experience.

So it restores and good enough for relaxation which is really good for overall health and blood circulation throughout the body which sometimes if we’re more stagnant in the winter we’re not moving as much so getting that circulation is really nice.

Another thing to also help with circulation as a gift idea is getting an introductory month to most yoga studios which go for about forty or fifty dollars depending on what studio it is and what exactly they offer. But giving someone an intro month to a yoga studio or to a gym or a Wellness Center something that they can go and actively participate in for a month with your gift is awesome.

Essential Oils As A Gift Idea.

Idea number six is essential oils so you can get essential oils for someone they can either apply them topically so different things will help with different things.

Sage Essential oil is really good for applying topically to your body if you mix it with some coconut oil or whatever carrier oil you want to use.

I personally use coconut oil but if ever I have pain or inflammation on a certain area I’ll mix some sage others also actually use this for menstrual cramps. The way it works is really simple, Just mix some sage with coconut oil and rub it directly on your skin.

Because our skin is porous which means that what we put on to our skin actually gets absorbed by our organs in our body and so if you’ve got pain in a specific area you can put an essential oil directly on it and it will go right to that area to actually help physically heal it and reduce pain symptoms.

Sage is really nice and enjoys a wide user base for it’s varied usability, you see with sage essential oils, you can also use a diffuser in the air so that your whole room, apartment or house can smell really nice and fresh.

And you’re getting not only the aromatherapy benefits of breathing in a smell that smells good but it’s also natural so it’s not the same as inhaling a perfume which can actually cause cancer but inhaling these plants can actually help to restore balance and healing within your body.

In my case, I have always used these here from Amazon, I have come to like them as they are my favorites. For a start, they are a huge bargain for this lot. Instead of buying one, a set of sixteen for a price of starbucks coffee works for me.

Lavender is also a really nice one, and  if you have trouble sleeping, putting lavender into the room or even mixing lavender or some coconut oil and just kind of putting it where you can smell it somewhere on you really lightly so that you’re just inhaling that smell of lavender as you go to sleep really helps with sleep.

Adult Coloring Books As A Gift Idea.

The next idea is a journal or a coloring book both of which can be really therapeutic. Having a journal to write out thoughts or ideas or things coming through it’s a really great way for someone to have a good relationship with themselves.

By writing in a journal it’s like writing to yourself and your intuition and your spirit and then a coloring book is really nice because you get to color through the pages you can do it with a friend too. I remember when I was living and working at a hotel some of the staff would sit around at this table and color and it was so fun it felt like being back in school and having these friends around just coloring.

Some would even have like a girls night with a coloring book and some wine or whatever interests you but it’s really good and therapeutic to be coloring too so that’s another gift idea.

Crystals And Rocks As A Gift Idea.

Another gift idea is crystals and rocks so these can either be as jewelry you can give some crystals and rocks as necklaces or just on their own they can also be like bookends so that’s what these this one is together and then now it’s to hold books so if there’s a variety of different forms of crystals that you can get.

If you’re interested in getting a geode or a bookend or just a rock crystal whatever you’re interested in summer raw summer polish and they all help with different things. The rose quartz will help with your heart and as an eye it will help with your throat and speaking your truth so all crystals have different properties that are unique to them.

Different crystals are good for bringing about different things if you know that there’s someone who’s starting in your relationship and you want their heart chakra to be strengthened you can give them rose quartz.

If you know that there’s someone who wants to get more into communications and become better at speaking and speaking their truth any light blue crystal would be good for that. There is plenty of content including videos about crystal collection and that can give you a little bit more insight into what crystals are best for what.

Donation As A Gift Ideas

The next gift idea is to make a donation in their name so this is what I was really asking for whenever I first started waking up to what’s happening on the planet in terms of the environment and using all these resources to make things that we don’t necessarily need and if you’re feeling like you don’t need something physical and or you’re trying to get a gift for someone .

And you’re really trying to steer clear of anything material donate to a cause or an organization that you believe in or that they believe in, in their name.

So if it’s a gift for yourself and you’re trying to let someone know what you might like is a gift you can let them know there’s this organization that I really care about and I’d love if you made a donation in my name to them or if you’re giving a gift to someone you can think of what causes do they really care about or what do they really believe in or what’s important to them and then find an organization that matches with their values and donate to that organization in their name.

You might even know of an organization that they support based on them telling you or sharing something on social media so just getting conscious of what their values are and what they really care about and then supporting that financially on their behalf.

And the last conscious gift idea is to make something yourself for them or to do an activity for them so it’s something that’s kind of a form of creation from yourself so whether it’s an experience that you’re creating it might be as simple as going sledding in the snow or doing something together that can be free or that can cost a bit of money you can go skiing with them or snowboarding something like that.

Or you can create something for them so if you know that they really want a coin purse or something maybe that’s something that you can handmake yourself or something as simple as baking cookies and giving that to them with a beautiful intention you could do.

A painting for them or creating something with art. Something of the most thoughtful gifts that I’ve received has been ones where a person has made something for me. They may have braided a necklace for me in a really beautiful way so making jewelry for someone or making something that comes from the heart that you feel they’ll really appreciate and enjoy is indeed one of the best ways to give.

I hope this helps you out with ten conscious gift ideas and let me know in the comments if you guys have any questions or if you guys have your own gift ideas too and if you end up getting any of these let me know – I’d love to know how you’re enjoying them!

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