Birth Control Patch Review

Birth control patch

A birth control patch also known as a contraceptive patch, is a transdermal patch applied to the skin and releases synthetic estrogen and progestin hormones to prevent pregnancy.

How effective is the birth Control Patch

The birth control patch has a failure rate of 1% when used correctly and consistently, meaning it is 99% safe. However, the patch may not protect you from from pregnancy if you are taking antibiotics or medications for fungal infections or seizures. And when you weigh 198 pounds or more, again the patch may not prevent pregnancy.

How exactly do you use the patch?

The birth control patch must be taken from your doctor as a prescription. The patch is worn or placed directly on the skin of your stomach, upper arm, upper torso or buttocks.

The patch must be replaced once a week on the same day each week for three weeks in a row. You must not wear the patch on the fourth week in order to allow your mestrual flow to occur each month.

What are benefits of the patch?

When you follow the instructions and use the birth control patch correctly, it gives you great protection against pregnancy.

1. It is convenient

The patch is excellent for all women who do not want to deal with taking a pill each and every day. All lots of women like the patch because it makes their periods lighter, less crampy and easier to follow up.

2. Has health benefits

The patch makes your period more regular, ease mestrual cramps and helps protect you against pelvic inflammatory diseases. The patch also helps prevent acne, iron deficit, premenstrual syndrome, bone thinning and cysts in your breast and ovaries.

3. You can get pregnant right away when you stop using it

The best thing about a birth control patch is that you can get get pregnant immediately after you stop using it, exactly at the right time when you want to have a baby. Whether or not you get your period, if you stop using the patch, pregnancy is very much possible.

What are the side effects of the patch

Like all medications, the birth control patch can have some side effects. But the most common ones usually go away after 2 to 3 months.

The hormones in the patch can cause bleeding between periods, tender breasts, headaches and nausea. Some women will experience a little soreness on the skin where the patch is.

Birth control patch may also make you gain weight, you may have a terrible acne skin breakout and many womenhave said to experience low libido because if the patch.

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