Birth Control Shot Review

Birth control shot for family planning

The birth control shot is a hormonal injection that prevents unplanned pregnancy for three months at a time.

How does a birth control shot work?

The birth control shot works similarly to the birth control pills, it prevents ovulation and increases the mucus buildup around the opening of the cervix.

The shot/ injection is given by the doctor in the arm or buttocks. Each shot works for up to 12 to 14 weeks, but you must get the injection once every 12 weeks to get it’s full protection.

The birth control shot starts to work immediately after the first shot if you get it within the first 5 days of your menstrual period.

How effective is the birth control shot?

The birth control shot has a failure rate of 1% meaning it it 99% effective. However, the birth control shot is not recommended for women who have unexplained vaginal bleeding, breast cancer, liver disease and blood cloth.

The shots should also be used with great caution in teenagers and women with osteoporosis because of its relation to bone loss.

Side effects of the birth control shot

Like all contraceptives, birth control shots also have side effects that affect people differently. Though there is a grocery of birth control side effects, the ones listed here are the most commonly experienced by the majority of women taking birth control shorts.

1. Birth control shots may make you gain weight:

Yes, birth control shots can cause weight gain to some women. A recent study showed that in the first six months of use, I out of 4 shot users gained 5 percent or more weight.

However it is possible to keep your weight steady with healthy eating and regular exercise. However, the birth control shots may not be the best choice for you if you are already having challenges with your weight.

2. Can cause acne skin breakout:

Unlike the pill, birth control shots will not get your skin clear, to some women it causes acne but most women haven’t seen any changes in their skin when using the shot.

3. After you stop using the shot, it can take some time to get pregnant:

After you stop using the shot, it can take up to 10 to 22 months to be fertile and get pregnant.

4. You could get bloated:

Bloating and stomach cramps are a common initial complaint on the shot because progesterone will slow down your intestines’ degestion a little bit, but it won’t last forever.

Benefits of the birth control shot

1. The birth control shot is very effective at preventing pregnancy.

Unlike most natural birth control methods, when you take a birth control shot for your family planning, you know you are covered.

While natural contraceptives have been known for not causing headaches and irregular weight gains like the pill, patch birth control or an implant contraceptive, the natural family planning contraception is synonymous for being inefficient and is unsafe for first-time mothers too.

2. The shot is convenient and private.

If you use it correctly, you only have to think about birth control 4 times each year. It’s awesome for people who don’t want to deal with taking a pill every day

3. A lot of women like the shot because it makes their periods get lighter…

Half of people who use the shot stop getting their periods, after a year on using the shot. Not getting your period is totally safe, there’s nothing to worry about.

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