Dog Lips Swollen And Itchy

Dog Lips Swollen And Itchy

Dog Lips Swollen And Itchy

Cellulitis – Is Causing Dog Lips Swollen And Itchy

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If your dog has a swollen lips and it itchy, there are a number of causes, even though many will it not to be worrisome, but others may think otherwise.

Some of the reasons or causes of dog lips swollen and itchy are:

Cellulitis is a bacteria infection which occurs from a dog skin break, much like ulcer and bruising of the dog muzzle.

Some of the signs are:
Face getting tender
Red-ish flushing
Continous swollen face

When you notice these occurances, you will need to visit the vet. Like humans, dogs also have allergies which can affect their daily life and well-being.

Facial Trauma:
Tussling with fellow dogs while playing can also cause a swollen face, also some sickness can cause dog lips swollen and itchy.

Some of these causes are:
Food allergies
Lack of dog supplements
Dog immune system

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