Is It Possible To Restore Enamel On Your Teeth?

How to Replace Enamel On Teeth Naturally

In this post, my goal was to quickly share with you how to naturally remineralized your teeth and completely restored your enamel. I got these supplements which are packed with the most sought-after magnesium calcium and vitamin D. You may not be aware of the importance of these two compounds when they are taken together, but one thing that I found in my research is the importance of vitamin D in oral health and especially with your enamel and magnesium.

Teeth decayIf you have noticed your teeth all of a sudden starting to become kind of transparent and I feels like you have been ruining the enamel, do not worry,  I wasn’t sure exactly what the cause was either when it happened to me.

The key here is knowing that there is an issue with to deal with concerning your enamel.

As you would expect it, I went to the dentist and the dental hygienist gave me a pro enamel to start using on my teeth to help fix it but having used the entire tube of toothpaste plus other little sample toothpaste all to no avail.

The entire thing just didn’t do anything, it was time to start researching on how to restore your enamel. Now, online I was finding a lot of people were saying that once your enamel is damaged you can’t restore it and other people were saying you can go to the dentist and get a procedure done that’s going to at least prevent more tooth decay or enamel wear from happening.

The downside of the dental re-enameling procedure is the fact that it costs money to take up a dentist appointment for re-enamel replacement or tooth decay. So the choice was to spend a couple of 100 bucks or find out if there was other options that could be used to replace the loss of enamel in my teeth.

Anyways I started looking up natural ways of restoring enamel and remineralizing your teeth because essentially from what I understand, (I’m not an oral professional oral health professional) so I can’t give you like professional recommendations.

teeth enamel replacingThe goal here is share what I can only tell you as a layman, who has seen results from what has worked for me and what I sort of lessons I have learnt and come to understand.

From what I understand when your enamel is damaged it also has to do with not getting enough minerals in your teeth so that could be also why you may notice like I did that my teeth were a bit transparent.

And what I found from different research and trial of just seeing if certain things would work for me and luckily what I tried next almost worked immediately.

What I did was I got these supplements which are packed with the most sought-after magnesium calcium and vitamin D. You may not be aware of the importance of these two compounds when they are taken together, but one thing that I found in my research is the importance of vitamin D in oral health and especially with your enamel and magnesium.

So what happens is that these three components vitamin D calcium and magnesium they all get absorbed together and so when you have the three together it allows you to actually properly absorb everything.

Without these being combined, calcium won’t get absorbed unless you’re getting enough vitamin D and magnesium works well with calcium too so I combined this supplement that has magnesium vitamin D and calcium with trace minerals just to make sure that I am getting enough minerals in my system.

So if you really want that they  go straight into your teeth like they did in my teeth, combine them and you will have to start using a remineralizing toothpaste.

Yes, you may start using this Nelson Naturals toothpaste it’s made in Nelson BC so it might only be available in Canada I’m not sure but for this little jar it cost about ten bucks and that jar lasts really long, as mine took maybe a month.

In the spirit of just to be a bit more cost-effective, I wanted to start making my own version of this toothpaste so I’ll put a link up here to my DIY recipe of how to make your own remineralizing toothpaste if you are interested.

Admittedly, literally after one day of taking one of these calcium magnesium vitamin D supplements one of the trace mineral supplements and brushing my teeth with remineralizing toothpaste my teeth became like more opaque so they actually went from being transparent to like immediately becoming more opaque more white right away like I can’t I can’t describe how immediate it was.

Frankly speaking, it caught me by surprise as it was like right after doing this and it’s crazy because it came from looking online and people saying that it’s impossible to restore your enamel.

Here it confirms that doing these three things in combination and your enamel will be restored immediately so I hope this works for you too.

I know there can be different reasons for different people on why their teeth maybe deteriorating and so you may not exactly be sure what the cause is for your teeth losing enamel like it was for me.

However, if you have a gluten sensitivity and that can be related from what I understand. As they say, your state of teeth condition is a true reflection of your overall health, so what you eat directly affects your teeth condition.

On the other hand, if you brush your teeth with pure baking soda and water (Very popular within the gluten free community) for a couple days and you might have just kind of scratched off some enamel or maybe just the foods that you’ve been eating haven’t had all of the minerals that your body needs to supply enough calcium.

Sometimes winter time could be when you see your enamel getting worse so the clear sign here that you not getting enough vitamin D or it may just be something as simple as the vitamin D shortage,

I’m not going to draw professional conclusions here, but when I started doing this and it started working immediately so if you guys are noticing that your teeth are either transparent or that you’re having issues with your enamel try these three things in combination.

And I really hope it works for you and make sure to check out my other posts here beyond how to make your own remineralizing toothpaste and you can also subscribe to our oral hygiene newsletter which goes out once every month.

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