My Dog Stinks And Scratches All The Time

Dog Lips Swollen And Itchy

My Dog Stinks And Scratches All The Time

My Dog Stinks And Scratches All The Time

When a dog stinks and scratches all the time is a sign something is not right. Take for example yourself, if you are experiencing such a thing means something is not right, this is same with dogs.

One of the reason or cause of dog scratching and smelling is

Malassezia is a little organism (known as yeast) which cause dog skin infections and the result is a dog having smelling skin, itchy skin and an oily skin.

This organism lives on dog skin and in small numbers, and they trive once there is changes in the skin of dog, and they can grow in number, and the larger they become the more smelly and itchy the dog skin become.

They grow mostly on oil skin or sleek skin, once there is more presence of oil build up on the dog skin. Some dog can resist the infections whule some can’t.

To treat this infection:
You need to take your dog to the vet, the vet will use microscope to determine what type of infection it is, the use a sticky tape to peel them off the dog skin or otherwise.

Using antifungal shampoo to wash the dog can also help elimate small amouth of the yeast.

Using antifungal ointment after bath on the dog

Using antifungal tablet for savere cases.

To prevent it from happening:
Always visit the vet

Use oatmeal shampoo for dry and itchy skin to stop the scratching

Use anti itchy spray to spray the affected areas

Add fish oil to your dog’s meal for healthy skin

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